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Judr. Hana Šedivá - poslankyně PS PČR

Judr. Hana Šedivá - poslankyně PS PČR


"Dear Friends,

From the year 2006 I have participated in a language course conducted by The Villa s.r.o., formerly by Dagmar McCaffrey as a physical person.
In view of my busy schedule, I am unable to participate in the lessons regularly and that is why the methods of teaching which we use suit me very well. The teacher comes to me at the agreed day and time, and the actual terms are agreed according to my time schedule.

Similarly, I am very satisfied with my current teacher. She is a teacher by profession and so can sense and influence my needs as a student very well, and with great patience. Here I must admit that I have left the school bench a long time ago, and I began to study English in my adult years.

I wish the company much success and clients for language study."

JUDr. Hana Šedivá

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